When servicing lighting systems that were installed by other companies in town, unfortunately we often find a number of transgressions that affect the performance and safety of a lighting system. Sometimes these issues are accidental, and sometimes work is done with standard of integrity that is well below ours. The good news is that the system might be salvageable and a candidate for re-installation.

reinstalls of landscape lighting

Some of the issues we commonly find are:

  • Poor placement or positioning
  • Lack of aesthetic coherence
  • Low-quality wire
  • Exposed or poorly installed wires
  • Poor quality or incorrect wire connectors
  • Lack of transformers safeguards
  • Outdated technology
  • Cheap mounting stakes
  • Girdling/tree damage
  • Unserviceable fixtures
  • Erroneous fixture application
  • Over-amped wire
  • Poor understanding of electrical engineering
  • Negligence with risk of fire


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