reinstalls of landscape lightingWhat we find when servicing lighting systems that were not installed by us are a number of different transgressions. Errors made with no regard and understanding to the lighting installation process, corner cutting or outright deception can become extremely costly to fix and even lead to re-installation. We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality systems and educating them in the importance of the investment they are making. Unfortunately we can’t get to everyone before they are sold a bill of goods but the good news is that the system might be salvageable and a candidate for re-installation!

Common issues we find are:

  • Poor placement or positioning
  • Lack aesthetic coherence
  • Low Quality Wire
  • Exposed or Poorly Installed Wires
  • Poor Quality or Wrong Type of Wire Connectors
  • Lack of Transformers Safeguards
  • Using Outdated Technology
  • Cheap Mounting Stakes
  • Girdling complications by not utilizing the patented “Tree Mount Bracket”
  • Using Unserviceable Fixtures
  • Erroneous Fixture Application
  • Over Amping Wire
  • Poor understanding of electrical engineering
  • Little or no understanding in light bulb application
  • Little or no understanding in LED
  • Negligence with Risk to Fire