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If you are looking to add outdoor lighting to your home and property, you need to speak with Phil Colarusso of Luminated Landscapes in East Aurora, NY! Phil has been painting Buffalo with light for over 25 years and is ready to take your outdoor landscape lighting to the next level.

Reasons People Choose Luminated Landscapes for Outdoor Lighting

  • Quality:

    We do not use inferior light fixtures or equipment. Everything installed is built to last and we provide superior customer service. Our aim is to get the job right the first time!

  • Passion:

    This is our business. We love what we do and it shows.

  • Artistry:

    Phil Colarusso wants to paint your house with light. Outdoor lighting is beautiful when it employs balance and symmetry. Just as a renowned painter elevates the simple brush strokes and paint into art, Luminated Landscapes will custom design a beautiful new lightscape for your home.

Outdoor Lighting Issues

24+ years of designing and installing lighting systems has shown me that I always get called to solve problems.
Here are some of the more common issues that inevitably get addressed.

Curb Appeal

How do you feel when you pull up to your home at night? Is it a black hole that leaves you disappointed? Was it poorly lighted by a landscaper who expanded their services to include lighting, but lacks that certain intangible something that makes any work of art magnificent? Not only can good lighting extend the stature of your house into the evening hours, it will also welcome you with its warm smile, embrace you with a soft hug, and gently whisper in your ear- your home! Let us show you how we can create the curb appeal you desire.

Atmosphere and Ambience

Front yards tend to be about the curb appeal while back yards are about the entertainment, and motion for mood. Soft light in key areas is what’s required. As humans we communicate with so much more than words and seeing facial expressions is critical, and getting that soft glow where it’s needed is truly an art form. Save the harsh flood lights for finding lost car keys.

Safety and Security

Understand that shadows are made by light, the brighter the light the darker the shadow, and that’s what prowlers are looking to hide in. 200 watts of low voltage lighting softly spread around in 10 or 15 locations is a great deterrent and can give greater coverage than 2-100 watt floods blasting from the corner of a house. With fewer dark shadowy nooks, the feeling of security increases greatly. And engineering a system so it can be turned “on” from inside the home is important too!

Design Features

Good architectural and landscape design always have good balance with key elements. Whether its columns and corbeling or trees and terraces, the architecture and landscape are the focal points, not the light, and a good lighting concept will parallel that in a balanced way!

Interior Views

Just because our summer entertaining stops doesn’t mean our evening viewing pleasure has to. In fact the winter months actually give us more hours of potential enjoyment because it gets darker sooner. But since we’re not actually spending our time outside it’s the viewing angles and sight lines from inside the home that matter. A good lighting designer will bring this to your attention, and if you have to remind them, just how competent are they?

We Do All Types Of Buffalo Outdoor Lighting

  • Deck Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Exterior Home Lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Entrance Lighting
  • Specialty Lighting

Landscape Lighting Designer Techniques:

Just as a chef, in order to achieve success, needs quality ingredients, it is their technique and ability to use them in a balanced way which reveals their greatness. As an artist who paints with light, the fixtures are my brushes and the techniques are my brush strokes, and using them in an aesthetically pleasing and balanced way is where the transformation comes from. So below are a few of the more common landscape lighting techniques used with a brief description, but without the passion of the artist you’ll be left starving.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques:


    By far the most dramatic of lighting effects, and as the name implies, this is lumination of an object from below. Use to create focal points as it pulls the eye in. Be careful to not overuse.


    Again as the name implies, this is lumination coming from above. Often used in soffits and over columns, or when spotting key focal points or sculptures. If used for atmosphere or ambience see moon lighting below.


    Refers to luminating of walkways or flower beds from a ground mounted fixture. Keep in mind the light output of the fixture selected will determine how far spacing should be. If one knows what they’re doing it can also be used to create other effects too.


    When light is cast across a surface or object at a very shallow angle, thereby capturing an array of shadows in the nooks and crannies. Works best on a textured surface, and can be done from above, below or from the side.


    This is where an object in the background (wall or fence) is luminated so the object in front of it stands out in a blackened state or silhouette.


    Use conservatively as this effect is not seen in nature. Water should be very clear, as even small pieces of algae will be highlighted. Best when placed where a waterfall hits the water surface.


    Ah my favorite! While this is a form of down lighting, it’s non-directional, soft and diffused. General rule of thumb- when you bring light down, bring texture with it, a perfect technique over a patio or sitting area. Great winter effect! Great care must be taken when mounting the fixture to a tree so as not to cause girdling or injury. My patent pending Treemendous Mount is far and away the industries best method for a safe clean installation!

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